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Super Sale: Air Jordan XX2 OMEGA’S At Eastbay for $89.99

For $89.99… super sale!

Many moons ago the Alpha and Omega pack was released. I bought both. I like both. I paid full price for both. But apparently only one could have waited so I could buy it on sale and that is the Air Jordan XX2 (22) Omega’s. I don’t see anyone… ANYONE wearing these sneakers in NYC and when I do they look like they are fakes for some reason.

When I took some time off and went to Great Adventure (post soon) I saw these sneakers at least 4 times. Just goes to show you that different areas take on a pair of sneakers…. or maybe it was on sale…. I don’t know. I think this sneaker would have been more popular with a different picture and maybe darker red then the red they use.

Anyway, if you want these and didn’t want to pay $174 dollars for them, here is your chance. You can get the Air Jordan XX2 for $89.99

What else is on sale? The white and black AJXX2 as well for the same price. Limited sizes for both.

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