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On Sale: The Game Mid by Puma For The Ladies

Now this looks like a great looking sneaker. There on sale at Dr Jays for 80 Bucks. I don’t know if it is a Dr. Jays exclusive or not but I haven’t seen it yet anywhere else. Something this good might not be a general release. lol

It sells for 80 dollars which isn’t too bad. I wish I bought them before I headed out for my “daycation” at Great Adventure (and yes I saw plenty of sneakers there that I don’t see people wearing in the city like the Air Jordan Omega AJ22… seen them like 5 times on different people in the park) because Pumas are really comfortable for me. There is only one problem I have with Pumas:

The run about a size too small.

I have the Puma Bode and I sure wish I got them in a size bigger. I can wear them, but with either no socks or really thin ones.  And I wouldn’t walk around in them all day either.  Now if I got them a size bigger they would be some really comfortable sneakers. (If you are wondering why I didn’t take them back is because I didn’t even try them on until a month later LMAO)

So if you get Pumas and you live in the USA, make sure you either try them on first or get a size bigger.

And no I do not care that these are for the ladies, they look like great guy sneakers.

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