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Sneakerhead Raps Air Jordan… and Sneaker Blogs Listen

I’m back!!! And look at all the stuff I missed!

This video has been everywhere, including on the sites I consider the Fab Four of sneaker sites (if you aint going to Sneakerfiles, Sneakernews, The Shoe Game or Nicekicks, then you are mis-informed on whats happening on kicks… heck, I might make it The Furious Five but I’m still checking out one of the sites to add to the list of coolest sneaker sites), and this video gets allot of love in the comments (except for… I don’t know why but people don’t comment too much on Sneakernews).

As a person who is just getting into being a sneaker collector and wanting the latest and greatest to add to my collection, I learned a few things from this video rap. I don’t pretend to know everything about sneaker culture (even though I am still going to be opinionated so deal with it lol) but I do want to learn more (and I have a long way to go). I hope more people get creative and school us newbies.

First seen from The Shoe

2 responses

  1. J

    To all sneaker/shoe fans out there, I have a very short survey for you! It will only take you 2 mins at the most. I need to get 100 responses in 2 hours,thanks!Btw, this is not a virus

    August 15, 2008 at 9:16 am

  2. SoulKicks101

    Are you a sneaker head? Have you stood on line and patiently awaited the release of an exclusive sneaker or even spent your last just to say that you have a pair of a one of a kind sneaker??? If so two young entrepreneurs are in the beginning stages of a creative project which illustrates the sneaker head culture is looking to interview 20-30 avid sneaker collectors mainly in the New York area to feature in an up and coming book. All who are interested must forward a brief passage with information including the following: Your love for sneakers, how long have you been collecting sneakers, your favorite kick and a picture of you and your kicks to to be considered to be featured in the project.

    May 18, 2010 at 5:14 pm

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