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As Seen On Amazon: Visco-Gel Toe Spacers

Da price: $3.95 and yeah, they are squishy lol

Man, I can’t get enough of these toe spacers can I? Unlike the other spacer posted here on Sneakers and Shoes, I actually use this one (not saying that there is anything wrong with the other one lol). It has helped my foot a great deal considering that my big toe is basically trying to leave me foot, stage left.

Anyway, I think guys and gals both wear sneakers or shoes that may not fit too well (I think ladies do it more than guys but guys ignore their feet more than ladies so it still stands that both need to take care of their feet), so here on this blog i will try to shed some light on foot care as much as possible.

Amazon has these, but I think you can find this in your neighborhood Rite-Aid or Duane Reade (why pay for shipping lol). If you know you just aint gonna go around the corner and down the block to your store to get them, you can order them at Amazon for 3.95… yes, 3 dollars and 95 cents.

One response

  1. Dee

    Yikes those toe spacers look pretty serious…I do have a pair of too-tight heels though, maybe I should look into it??! I dont know how cute it would look with my whole outfit tho 😉

    I have a fun product review opportunity that you might be interested in. I know you don’t really do gadget reviews, but it might be a good time! message me for the deets.

    July 16, 2008 at 10:31 pm

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