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On Sale: The Cease Sneaker by Gourmet

AJ7 or is it The Cease Canvas?

Well, I like them, but I am just not sure about the idea of looking so much like the Air Jordans that they so obviously look like.

I mean… I don’t know. I really don’t think Brand Jordan would do this or be able to get away with it but a smaller company can make a tribute sneaker like this and say “lets give it up for MJ for taking sneakers to a new level”. So part of me says this is great and looks rather good (some of them, not into all the colors), and then there is another part of me that thinks this is a little on the copy side.

I think it is a buy, but I am sure many sneaker collectors may not think so. As seen on and it sell for $145.00 (kinda allot for a canvas sneaker I think)


Before anybody comments and says that these are fakes, they are not fakes. The are real sneaker made my a real company, but they are not Jordans.

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