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As Seen On Nicekicks: More McFly Hyperdunk News

As Seen On

You know, I wasn’t as into the sneaker when the info first came out about it, but I have to admit I am swayed by the history and the picture above. Now if Nike would use some of Jezign technology to light up the midsole, then we would have a sneaker lol But you know what:

I guess glowing in the dark is ok enough… for now. Nike you hear me? Work on the lights man, work on it, and make it grown and sexy, not flashing eyesores.

With the sneakers side by side like this, I a m beginning to think the hyperdunk is sort of based off off the McFly’s. I mean just look at it. They look pretty familiar.

According to Nicekicks, these will be releasing EXCLUSIVELY at a Undercrown shop in Santa Monica California. since I can’t fly out their in my G4 jet (I have too many meetings and I have to clean my room), I will miss out. Please click the link to find out more, cause there is more info at Nicekicks.

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