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Nike Trying To Steal My Money: Re-Releasing The Nike Foamposite One Varsity Purple aka Eggplants

I want these so bad. I really wanted these (picture below) but they changed the way it looked at the last minute and I refused to buy them without the clear sole.

Keep the clear sole this time please Nike AND keep the color too!!! Lets not have the mess we had last time. Then, and only then, will you be able to steal the money I try so hard not to put in your hands lol says that the sneaker will have the Penny logo on it as well and will sell for 200 dollars. It will be released sometime next year.

By the way, the original eggplant foamposite will release at the end of this year. I never liked the Flightposite, but I may get a pair just to have both eggplants together.

Why is Nike trying to steal my money? I am going to have to work overtime for these…

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