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Another Air Jordan 1: AJ1 Premuim Olympic Metals GS

As seen on The Shoe, this is yet another colorway of many for the Air Jordan 1 sneaker. This year alone must have seen more than 15 different colorways. The only thing I can think of is that Jordan is paying homage to what started it all. I know one thing, I spend 400 dollars on Air Jordan One’s this year!!! I am defiantly trying to stop buying them. I’m way over my sneaker budget and I am still seeing Jordans, Nikes, Creative Recreations, Pumas and other sneakers I want/need to get.

What is a budding sneaker head to do? lol

Anyway, these are made for the kiddies (and anyone that can put their feet in kid size sneakers), so if you got feet that are bigger than a 6, them you maybe out of luck.

More pictures and info on The Shoe

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