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On Sale: greedy Genius Men’s Cool Breeze on

greedy is a Genius hen it comes to these sneaker designs… LMAO ok, that was really corny, but I couldn’t help myself. Man, I’m telling you, I still remember back in the days when new sneaker brands couldn’t come anywhere near Nike, Reebok or adidas (especially Nike) and now look around. All kinds of different sneaker companies (some owned by Nike, Reebok, adidas and others) are out there demanding that you change your style up. I’m guessing (don’t really know) that this all came about due to the scateboard community shying away from the major brands and wanting the “real” small companies. These companies responded to what they wanted and they bough what they sold.

I’ll admit that I don’t know if these are skate sneakers or not (looks like they would make nice skate shoes… hey, I’m new to the shoe game give me a break!!! lol) , but they do look good. It comes in another colorway if you like (I don’t like the other color but hey, everybody likes what they like).

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