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News From Alife + Rivington Club Courtyard Clearance Sale

Alife + Rivington Club Courtyard Clearance Sale | Sneaker News – Air Jordan, Air Force 1, Air Max, Nike SB, Release Dates & more

You know, I live in NYC and I never been to this store???? What the hell is that about? I am like an hour and a couple of minutes away from this place. I coulda went today. Man, you know what, I’ll be glad when I can work the AM shift cause I am so used to the PM that I sleep all day and get up at 2pm. OK, ok, that would actually work very well, but lately I’ve been sleeping WAY past 2 and getting up like around 5-6pm. LMAO, can’t handle much business after 5PM ladies and gentlemen.

Anyway, here is the location on Google Maps (Google Maps has gone a long way from where it started… I can damn near shop/travel just using the map and Google Shopping… but I still like Yahoo Maps better lol). All info about the sale is on


Tell me why CitySearch gave me the ALIFE in Manhattan when I put in the Brooklyn address? lol I’m a dumnass… it IS in Manhattan. I must be tired…

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