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Summer 2008 Battle Of the Sandles!!! What Will You Be Wearing This Summer?

Birkenstock Men’s Boston Sandal on Finishline for $119

Flip Flops are taking over! And believe me, for some reason all sneaker brands think you want them so they keep making them. Under Armor just came out with its footwear line and they ALREADY have a sandals (that I guess you work out in lol)

Under Armour Men’s Compression Slide Sandal for 24.99 on Finishline

While there are many places to look for sandals, since I first saw those Under Armor ones on Finishline, I figure I take a look at a few sandals from Finishline first (I’ll try Eastbay, Macys and some other shops later).

Puma Zany Cat on Finishline for 49.99

Jordan Hydro (comes in multiple colors) at Finishline for 39.99

Jordan Men's Hydro Sandal Jordan Men's Hydro Sandal Jordan Men's Hydro Sandal Jordan Men's Hydro Sandal Jordan Men's Hydro Sandal

Other colors… but not as exciting lol The comments on Finishine about this sneaker is pretty detailed so take a look at that too.

Crocs Men’s / Women’s Virginia Cavaliers Beach Sandal For 34.99

Crocs Men's / Women's Oregon State Beavers Beach Sandal

Crocs Men's / Women's Pittsburgh Steelers Beach Sandal

Crocs Men's / Women's Cleveland Indians Beach II Sandal

Crocs Men's / Women's Colorado Buffaloes Beach Sandal


Based off of color colors and their are plenty of colorways and colleges to choose from.

Not your ordinary Croc. Crocs Georgia Bulldogs Athens Sandal for 34.99

And speaking of a different kind of Croc, check these out… they actually look like an adult can really wear them without looking like a kid with a plastic shoe on.

adidas Women’s Ayuna Sandal looks MAD comfortable… where is the mens version? Plenty of different colorways for this sandal

There are plenty more sandals for men and women (boys and girls too) on Finishline. The prices range from 24.99 to 59.99 for most. I still can’t see myself buying a sandal for more than 35 dollars but I’ll admit that some of these sandals looked real nice.

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  1. Gordon B

    Under Armour originally came out with three styles of sandals in 2006 when they launched their Football cleats. Since then, they’ve added several additional styles and just this season added the compression slide, which gives similar benefits to the wearer as their compression apparel.

    May 26, 2008 at 7:44 pm

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