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Stuff White People Like says – White People LOVES New balance Sneakers lol

So on this site that I occasionally browse every day or so says, tongue in cheek of course, that white people love New Balance sneakers.

Now, of course you can’t go up to a white person and talk to them about their sneakers. Ohhh noooo. The footwear wear world of white people are fo fickle. Uggs, Birkenstocks, Earth Shoes… Uggs, (did I mention that already? lol) come and go, but New Balance running shoes??? Always hot. Here is a quote from the blog (this blog has been one of to p 10 blogs) Stuff White People Like:

There is, however, one exception: New Balance running shoes. All white people own a pair! Seriously, next time you are at a casual party where guests are encouraged to take off their shoes take a look by the door at the veritable rainbow of New Balance sneakers.

But why do white people love them so uniformly? It is pretty simple really. A few years ago it came out that Nike (and other manufacturers) were producing their shoes in Asian sweatshops and then selling them for a very high profit margin. White people were outraged, they generally prefer that children in developing nations first finish high school before working in shoe-producing sweatshops. Otherwise they might look foolish when their co-workers are talking about Catcher in the Rye.

If this site wasn’t so funny and almost obviously poking fun at racism, I don’t think it would be so popular or hilarious. So stuff like #94 Free Healthcare and #84 T-Shirts are think you need to know if you want to be in the world of upper class white people. Here is a list of my favorites:


Good lawd, fun times. Stuff White people Like is a very funny site and I can only hope and pray it is being done in comedy because stuff like this can not be for real LMAO.

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