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On Sale: Zoom Sharkley Basketball Shoe

Zoom Sharkley Basketball Shoe for 89.99 at

What happens when you mix up some Barkley with some Rodman (wait, that don’t sound right) and you come up with what looks to be the hottest sneaker this summer. Wasn’t the Air Jordan Fusions suppose to be the hottest sneaker this summer? Well, I think these Sharkleys might take the top spot.

Affordable, nice and, get this cause this is the best part, they actually work!!! At least according to the comment on the sneaker from people who bought them.  You can play in it and it feels good and you can chill in them and they look good.

I’m not a big fan of these or how they look but, I can’t front, they alright. If you collect sneakers this HAS to be in your collection. Pick a color and run with it. Also, as many sneaker companies have noticed, you got to have something special for the kids. The kids and baby mrket is the fastest growing area so if your wondering why you keep seeing Air Jordans and Nikes (and other sneaker companies) with kids only colors, that is why.

Anyway, I can’t say I would get them, I just know that I would if my budget and financial plan said I could (I’m grown and sexy people, I don’t have budget, I have a budget AND a financial plan).

Coming out June 1 2008 –  ORANGE!!!

Oh man the summer is going to be hot at least sneaker and fashion wise. Not sure about the ladies or mens shoes but we will see.

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