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Just In Case You Didn’t Know: Everybody Mid “RAP” Available

If you haven’t been browsing the Fab Four sneaker sites (ok, I see I have to write a post on this) then you may not know about this. I first seen this on (but also shows up on other sneaker blogs). The Alife Everybody Mid (that I love very much) is now released. This is a colobo between Rockwell, Alife, and Patta and includes a t-shirt. You can get it now at

I sometimes wonder if I started a small clothing line like Alife (if you can call them small… they seem to be more mid-sized) if people would like what I would want to put out there. I’m trying to put something together that I think is cool… but that is the problem; I think its cool. What if no one else does? lol

Well, anyway I like this sneaker allot. And I am so trying to fit this in my sneaker budget. Don’t know if i can get this pair, but i am getting the Everybody Mid eventually, I just don’t know when lol

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