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Creative Recreation Cesario Lo is KILLING THEM

As seen on for 85 Beans

There are many new sneaker lines that I never heard of before 2001 that are out there and really doing their thing. I remember  back in the days you couldn’t even come to school without either Tims, Nike, Reebok’s, adidas and maybe MAYBE Pro Keds, New Balance and Vans (and no I didn’t forget British Knights… or LA Gear but I aint going that far back). Most people just got Nikes and Tims and maybe got the others to fill out the wardrobe. Now you got Bapes, Alife, Greedy Genuis, Pastry, and others on peoples feet and not just a side sneaker but the main course.

Creative Recreation, for one reason or another, has taking NYC by storm. I’ll be honest and say I don’t like half of the designs they make or the fact that the price is so high for sneaker that don’t have an ounce of technology or research put into them (at least that is what I think unless CR tells me different). No bubble, no bounce, no special foam, just regular sneaker stuff as seen circa 1980’s so why they cost 90 to 110 and up is beyond me…. BUT I LOVE THE Cesario SNEAKER LINE!!!

If my sneaker budget wasn’t about to blow up my wallet, I would put this sneaker on my “To Do” list. They look comfortable and even – dare I say it – grown AND sexy. You can be very much laid back and “on the scene” with this sneaker.

I wonder if Creative Recreation allow poor people like me to buy stock in their company?

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