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These Little Moments lists the shoes that Make My Feet Hurt

Try to wear these Betsey Johnsons for more than a minute ladies!

Guys, now you try wearing these shoes LMAO. While I don’t plan on doing it, I feel for the brave ladies who wish to put them on just to end up feeling like someone has used a hammer on their feet after the night is through. These Little Moments (a blog I found on goes into which shoes gave her some hard foot days. This is why, gentlemen, you should drive her to and from the events lol

Get your weight up gentlemen!!!

By the way, ladies, please tell me something; what is it with women saying what shoes they are wearing? They may tell you what outfit, dress, pants and so forth (and even that is a maybe) but the shoes?

Anyway, These Little Moments runs a series of shoe lists of shoe that don’t make the cut for one reason or another. From time to time, I hope to stop by and feature on of them.

I have to say, while those shoes pictured up top look like pain, they still look good. I would be impressed if a lady (a real lady… no Ho ho ho’s allowed) was wearing these.

I wonder if Micheal Jordan will sue cause Betsey Johnson made a shoe using the word Jordan? lol

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