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Nelly’s Stepped On My J’s feat JD & Ciara Vs ASET’s Don’t Step On My Mikes

Listen to the whole thing at The Shoe Game

Nelly Stepped On My J’s feat JD & Ciara (Full Track)

The song played above is just a snippet, the whole song is now available exclusively on The Shoe Game. For those who go to what I call “the Final Four” of sneaker sites (The Shoe Game, Sneakerfiles, Nicekicks and SneakerNews… if you are not going to these sites, you are missing out), you probably already seen this or heard it from Friday, but you know I had to add my opinion lol

I think the song is great, EXCEPT for Ciara. I really love Ciara but that part she sung seemed a little pointless and out of place to me. A few people left comments on The Shoe Game that say the same thing so I am not alone.

There is a poll on The Shoe Game and I am guessing there are allot of haters cause most of the vote were a thumbs down. I don’t see how though. The track is hot and the rhymes are good… except for Ciara but Ciara wasn’t enough to give this a thumbs down.

So what do you think? Please vote HERE!!!

…and speaking of “Don’t Step On My Mikes”

I have to say that the song from ASETWENEXT aint no joke. I may even say its better than Nelly’s version. If they could tweak the production and time the lyrics better, then there would be no doubt who is better: ASET.

Anyway, as a person that is into sneakers (and shoes) I love that someone is doing some fly ish. Keep it coming!!!

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