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Air Jordan Countdown Pack 18 + 4 = So Much Drama: Most Hated AJIV’s In The World?

As first seen on THE SHOE GAME and later seen on other blogs as well, the sneaker world is set ablaze by what looks like an Air Jordan IV that looks, smells and tastes like wack.

SneakGeekZ is back at it again, and he recently posted a new video. In this vid he gives us a detailed look at the upcoming Air Jordan 4 from the 4/19 Countdown Pack. We’ve seen some decent pics, but it’s nothing like seeing them up close and personal
Source: The Shoe Game

And the drama ensues. SneakGeekZ has some great videos that are have some real deal Jordans on them but when he shown these…. I immediately thought these can’t be real. Keep in mind that at the beginning of the video, he says that they (the company he bough them from) didn’t follow his instructions but took his money though. With that in mind the company he bought them from might not be on the up-and-up. If the sneakers are real (and many say they are), they look really cheap as in poorly made. My tough decision (and apparently on a few people agree) is that these can not be the final look (if they are the real thing). ANY sneaker seen before (especially month than a month before) its release date might look very different than what will actually release. I even think that what is seen in the video could even be what is called “a fake” as in anything that is just a variant, test production or sample sneaker (some samples that are test subjects are real and given to athletes, celebrities and company personal)

Here is another video that was made and seen first on The Shoe Game:

Here you see the comparison between the retro 99 AJIV and what will release in the countdown pack in July 2008. I still say that there is no way JB is gonna release those IV’s looking like that but we will see.

You guys got to read the comment… it went crazy. I will be updating this post so stay tuned.

For more check out the Shoe Game

Air Jordan 4 “Countdown Pack” Video

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