The Life and Culture of Kicks

On Sale: Nike Mad Jibe on

As seen on, you can get these quite nice casual sneakers at (it is also available at Proper too). Not bad for $89.99

I think they look pretty nice. My Mom commented on them and was wondering if they came in a wide, but OF COURSE NIKE doesn’t make sneaker with widths (watch for a rant on this in the coming weeks) so she probably won’t be able to fit in them comfortably. As for me,I have been looking for a casual sneaker/shoe that I can chill in while still looking grown AND sexy and these might be it. They sort of look like those… man I can’t remember what they are called. Well, anyway, they are smooth and you can go to work in them and it won’t be a problem.

The Mad Jibe will have to wait for next year for me though, I already have those Vans for my chillin set and a pair of Creative Recreations will round out my sexy casual look. Although I do need a pair of sneaker shoes like these Mad Jibe’s though… I’ll have to think about it (probably get a mid-top timbo dress casual sneaker/shoe).

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