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Get Your HighLine Chalk Shoes!!! From the High Line Blog

(from The High Line Blog)

Just when you think that the Nike 360 and the Air Jordan 23 is as far as technology gets (don’t forget the New Balance End Cap… sometimes simple works better) you wake up and browse a bunch of wordpress blogs and see the Chalk Shoe. Talk about a shoe that you can tell where you have been (or just how far you have to go).

Why you ask was this made? Here is a clue:

A group of eighth-grade students from the Lab School will be leading the way… in brightly-colored “chalk shoes.” Brooklyn-based artist Julia Mandle will lead student performers through the streets of the Meatpacking District and Chelsea, in a performance commissioned by Friends of the High Line. As the students shuffle through the neighborhood on their platform-height “chalk shoes,” they will leave a green path on the sidewalks that will lead to the High Line’s future access points.

I wish I knew about this before. I would have definaitly have gone to at least see their handy work. I was actually off that day (last day of my vacation) and I could have easily went and maybe even invited a couple of people. I loved the High Line ever since I realised just how cool it was back in the early 90’s. Trains going through buildings seems to only happen in other cities, but in NYC? Wow! It is a real piece of NY history. Allot of the times I wonder why stuff like that isn’t used for achitectual special spaces instead of just being torn down.

I’m telling you that sometimes, I just do not believe that developers have ANY vision… no imagination. I surely can’t wait to start my real estate business and get my architectural license. I’ll show them a thing or 2 (well I’ll try at least).

You know what, I knew this is a footwear blog, but every once and a while I will post something from or about the High Line. Its just to good to let it die and become a square building… oh and just in case you guys need a reminder, EVERYTHING need to have some originality… what would the Manhattan street grid look like without Broadway? Look at all the spaces Broadway creates. The High Line is no different. NYC has character, don’t destroy it.



Original, aint it?

Anyway, you can read how the event concluded on The High Line blog and see all the lovely kids doing their part in the pictures taken during and after the event.

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