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Fila Tennis Classic x Premium Goods on Complex

 Fila Tennis Classic x Premium Goods on Complex

Fila Tennis Classic x Premium Goods

(image from

Fila is doing its thing… hey did you know back in the 1980’s that this sneaker cost 200 dollars? Fila was the fist sneaker company to break the 200 barriear? I don’t believe it. Nice kicks talks about it, here is a brief snippet:

The Fila Tennis Classic was one of the first shoes at the $200 in the 1980’s. The other shoe was Gucci, the style that inspired Jay Z for his first S.Carter. For the colors I wanted to pay homage to both high priced shoes including Gucci, the Italian colors, and black pride.

The upper has a sort of ballistic style mesh which is to represent a bullet proof vest. Back in the day the drug dealers in Brooklyn went nuts for these kicks and the Guccis at $200.

Jay-Z? Drug dealers liking it because it looked like bullet proof fabric?? L.M.A.O. You have to go to Nicekicks and read just what the heck people think about this. This retro sneaker will be coming out soon. More info at Complex.

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