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For The Grown and Sexy: UBIQ 2009 Fall/Winter Bo-Ro

UBIQ 2009 Fall-Winter Bo-Ro

(now this is a nice look for the gentlemen)

UBIQ is doing its thing for fall of ’09 for real. All the colorways look really fresh and will be easy to match up to current and new gear. Not sure how long those buttons will last ofter wearing them more than a few weeks but I like the uniqueness of them and would find myself a shoe repair shop if I started loosing buttons if that were to happen.

If you want, you can get it at Atmos… just be sure to translate the page cause it aint in English.

Description example:

The image of BUTTONED-DOWN SHIRT “BO-RO” is designed to見立Teta Shaft collar, lace shoe is part of the original image is made in the neck. Removes Shuresuhoru dare, buttons are used to substitute materials of palm trees. The attention to detail can be seen as a place to adopt and switch the dot-patterned shirt. In addition, the tongue is attached a rubber shoe, remove the cord, and can be worn as a decorated Surippon specifications.

LOL What is “Shuresuhoru”?

Married To The Mob & Teyana Taylor – Fall 2009 Collection

Teyana Taylor for Married to the MOB   Fall 2009 Collection

(there is something about MTTM I just like)

Teyana Taylor for Married to the MOB - Fall 2009 Collection

(you can NEVER go wrong with Air Jordan Holy Grails)

(ok, ok… you can go wrong with them, but she didn’t)

The fall 1 delivery is slated to drop next week just in time for back to school so keep your eyes peeled on and Alife stores to cop the gear. Married to the MOB has tapped 18-year-old rapper/singer Teyana Taylor (best known as Pharrell’s protege), to be the face of their fall 2009 “Smells Like Teen Spirit” collection shot by Brooke Nipar at ACE Hotel


Teyana Taylor for Married to the MOB Fall 2009


This news came out a long time ago. Not too long ago (August ’09) but long enough. I guess it could be a “diggin in the sneaker crates” post considering just how long ago but what the hell… I ment to post this but somehow left it on the drafting table.

Anyway, the MTTM look is pretty smooth. It street style that is specifically for the ladies. It underground enough to be different yet easy enough to get and be recognizable by those in the know to flaunt that you know too… does that make sense? That damn psychology class is starting to kick in.

There are more pics on but the ones posted here are my favorite, especially the all black look. The Minnie skirt can be bought here, while the t-shirt can be had over here. Don’t know where the boots came from but hell, find your own hard core boots to match (or get those Timberland high heels… nah that won’t work with this… but if you follow my twitter you would know that I want to see a women in those right now!!! Those boots would make any guys head turn to check out the lady wearing them) bu I guess you can go for these Timbos if push came to shove. Kinda tall, but you wouldn’t need to put on those thigh high socks that she is wearing.

Karmaloop has a little lookbook so when you head over to the Married To The Mob page, you will see a link at the top for the fall lookbook.

MTTM background image on shopping page is BANANAS


And no… I have NO IDEA what that background pic on the Karmaloop/MTTM page is supposed to be about (and when you scroll down it gets worst lol)… its a little crazy, BUT those kicks the gorilla is wearing is alright.

MASTER Chief Custom Dunks by Daniel Reese

masterchief - Custom Dunks by Daniel Reese(wow)

This has to be one of the coolest freaking customs I have seen in a while. Once again Daniel Reese has done it again with a pair of kicks that you can purchase as customs. This basically makes your pair special beyond belief. You can get these for 180 euros (don’t have any idea how much that is in dollars… but I am going to guess that it is over $200)

Check out Daniel Reese’s blog for more customs and so forth HERE

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On Sale: The Michelle Heel in Pewter on Karmaloop

Jeffrey Campbell Shoes-The Michelle Heel in Pewter

(ladies don’t skip out on these)

Jeffrey Campbell Shoes-The Michelle Heel

Price of admission – 120 bucks

Not much to say here; get these shoes and join  the ranks of the sexy. I do not think there will be many men who will not notice you in   these shoes. Get the perfect dress and it’s all good!

JEFFREY CAMPBELL, now in it’s ninth  year of existence, is proud to be one of the most sought after brands in today’s competitive shoe market. Based in LA, and headed up by a small team of dedicated staff, coupled with several members of the CAMPBELL family—Team Jeffrey Campbell is proud to bring to you the best styles, amazing prices, tons of limited edition goods  and FUN shoes, season after season.

Jeffrey Campbell Shoes-The Michelle Heel in Pewter backSHOT

(backshot look good)

Asics x Gettry Procourt AR “Hamburger” Sneaks… and I am hungry


(these are some tasty sneakers right)


You can get these from $155 smacks… some expensive hamburgers. Not my style but it is pretty special and is pretty clean. First seen on Nuevo Moonwalk Daily…. via Oddity Central… and – get this – Eat Me Daily LMAO

Flickr Foto: Marc Newson zvezdochka Shoe by sepbach

marc newson by sepbach

(well this is a nice shot)

(never heard of the sneaker before though… guess I missed the memo)

How’d I Miss this? Pony X9 Limted Edition Stichpunk Sneakers

Pony X9 Limted Edition Stichpunk Sneakers


So the movie been out for a while now. I am not sure how I missed this considering I am either looking for sneakers online or reading sneaker blog like almost every day (and I have NiceKicks iPhone/Touch App and get updates daily). So how did I miss it?

I did a little research on them and it would seem that many sneaker blogs missed this one (except for Sneaker Obsession… I guess because they are obsessed with sneakers lol) and that’s too bad because they actually look pretty nice and have a few features that make them rather unique.

Here is a quote from Pony’s website:


On Sale: Puma Men’s Hooper Mid at Finishline

Puma Men's Hooper Mid

(a smooth sneaker for a smooth gu… if you know how to rock them)

Currently on sle at Finishline for $44.98 size 8 – 14 left as of today

Converse Weapon Evo Has A Low Top

convers wapon evo low

(looks pretty good)

So the weapon Evo now gets the low-top treatment and looks good doing it. I would almost say that (depending on how they treat the colorways of course) that the low top looks better than the hi-top. Its like a convertible that looks great but when you add the hardtop it looks a little off but still good.


I hope I am not loosing anybody with that one. According to Sneaker Obsession, the pics first showed up on a Chinese website but no further details have been made. I hope they come out with them and I hope this is the beginning of putting Converse back on the map when it comes to Basketball.

On Sale: Jordan Men’s Hydro V Sandal at Finishline

Jordan Men's Hydro V Sandal

(and to think I used to hate on sandals costing 50 bucks lol)

Finishline got these on sale for just under $30 dollars sizes 8 – 13 are as of today avaiable

Digging In The Sneaker Crates: Bobizzo Video For Nike Head T-Shirt


Nike Head T-Shirt by Capital (CPTL)

(the t-shirt may not be that much safer for/at work either LMAO)

And I am not sure you want to see the other one, but here is the link. Not getting political here but aint Bobizzo worried that the government will try to get at him? lol Maybe this is why his site is still under construction (like I am one to talk lol)

damn Bobizzo got connections

(Bobizzo site under construction… nice construction)

(oh and if you want, go to their official eBay site)

I first saw this t-shirt on Nicekicks (I think) and I have to admit that I really was like “I got to get this t-shirt”. Then I started seeing other t-shirts that really spoke to the people who are into sneakers and shoes. People who are sneakerheads and people who aspire to be sneaker heads but might not take itas far would love these type of t-shirts.

I don’t know if this was the first one to represent footwear freaks and the sneaker community, but its the first one I remember and only second to “I Got 99 Proboblems But My Kicks Aint One” by Sneaktip

Those 2 t-shirts officially kicked (gett it? kicked?) off for me and what I think is  now a small love affiar with sneaker t-shirts (I don’t think I will be wearing t-shirts about mens… and definiatly not womens… shoes… guess though I am a footwear/foot freak in denial lol)

T-shirts and sneakers; perfect together!

Just digging in those sneaker crates…. October 11 2008

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For The Grown And Sexy: Mary Poppins Open Toe Boot

Mary Poppins Open Toe Boot

(if you have to ask the price… well, you know the rest)


KICKS Issue 12



You know what guys… Slam’s KICKS Magazine has been around for a while. Its been around so long that when I was in school and wanted to design a website for KICKS as a class project this is what I came up with:

Project8 KICKS1

(for 1999 this is pretty good if I say so myself)

Project8 KICKS3

(the “I” in Team… who else would come up with that other than me? LMAO

Guess when I did that? Back in 1999 in collage college. Damn, that was a decade ago (why am I showing my age??? lol).

… and hey… Slam Magazine KICKS… don’t get any ideas, this is copyrighted LOL

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For The Grown and Sexy: Stussy Deluxe x Dr. Martens – Desert Boots

Stussy Deluxe x Dr. Martens - Desert Boots(don’t think I will go in the dessert with these LMAO)

Smoooooooooooooooooth!!! You won’t see me in Iraq in them (and you won’t see me in Iraq period), but its no question that they are smooth. If you want to up your look and show that special lady that you can also get down with going to the 40/40 Club.

Quote from FreshnessMag about shoe:

That pairing of talents and interests appears once again as Stussy partnered with Dr. Martens in designing the Desert Boots for Stussy Deluxe 2009 Fall Collection.  Made from supple premium suede, each boot feature a crepe outsole with Dr. Maertens’ ingenious creation, the Air Wair cushioning system.  The boot is then outfitted with piping, heel tab and laces in contrast colors – purple for black, green for brown.

Yes it is avalaible and yest if you are an adult (or inspire to be one) you may want to give this shoe a possibility.

For The Grown and Sexy: Lanvin High Trainer for Fall-Winter 2009

Lavin High Trainer - FallWinter 2009 -

(so these are trainers h’uh?)

These are some fly ass sneakers. It does have a look that I am sure you would have to specifically like (aka it may not be for everyone), but it still has swagger (gawd I am starting to hate that word) and if you can rock them, go ahead with your bad self.

I dare someone to actually use these sneaker as trainers.

Info from FreshnessMag:

With Alber Elbaz’s efforts, Lanvin is not only a purveyor of well made designer dresses, it is now synonymous with swanky, luxury trainers for men who embraced sneakers growing up and are ready to take their rubber soled kicks to the next level. This season, the casual footwear collection is solid with a liberal use of premium material such as jersey felt, suede and leather that it almost seems offensive to call these numbers “casual”.

So guys if this is what you want, why not? And if you are in NYC

505 Greenwich Street | Map
New York, New York 10013
TEL #: 212-925-0882

You may want to stop by there to check out the sneaker. More info on FreshnessMag. Aloha Rag website here.

Diggin In The Sneaker Crates: SeaVees x Pantone Sneakers

Seavees Panton Sneakers

(there is something so Photoshop about this)

I am sure those who design magazines, layouts, bags, logos, website designing and anybody who has played with Photoshop and other image programs have knowledge of the Pantone colors. Back in Febuary of 2009 (this year) you could have put tht on your own feet thanks to SeaVees.

SeaVees celebrates the founding of Pantone and the release of the first PANTONE MATCHING SYSTEM. For the first time in their 45 year history and through an exclusive agreement, Pantone has allowed an exter nal design team into their hallowed archives. SeaVees cofounders Steven Tiller and Derek Galkin selected seven vintage colors from the original Pantone color guide.

Just diggin in those sneaker cratesas seen on High Snobriety

Breast Cancer Awareness – Think Pink

Nike Zoom Soildier THINK PINK


This is a great idea that I hope to see in the NBA as well many times over. What a way to promote something that people should be reminded of that effects families all over. I love it!

Think Pink!

Nike Zoom Soildier THINK PINK - gotta be the shoes

Metalically Awesome… Nike Royal Mid

Nike Royal Mid Metalic Royal Blue

(why can’t I stop using that word awesome??? lol)

This si only for people who have enough style and just plain balls to wear (whether your a guy or a gal lol). I must agree with FreshnessMag that this sneaker looks like it somewhere between space age and retro.

Don’t tell me the retro /space age movement has ended just yet.

Nike Royal Mid Metalic Royal Blue 3quarter view

(also can be seen on HighSnob)

Yes you can get this this fall 2009. Haven’t see any prices or if it will be some sort of exclusive aka limited type of sneaker so just hope more news comes out when it releases.

Just Beautiful… Gourmet Spring and Summer Line Up For 2010

Gourmet Spring and Summer 2010 Footwear Preview

(well thank you very much!)

Gourmet is done with doing tributes to Jordan… and is making some crazy nice looking fashion moves for 2010. There is almost nothing bad I can say about any of the sneaker that came off of website via Hypebeast.

But will the people like this?

Sneakernews as of late has been getting more people to comment on the site, so the idea that only 3 people said anything isn’t a good sign, BUT all of them were positive of which is a pretty good sign.

I am almost sure that most people who visit many sneaker sites are not interested in commenting on sneakers that are not Nike or Jordan (which is too bad) so with that said (written) its possible that the 3 current comments represent what people think about them.

Anyway, plenty of shots on Sneakernews so check them out.

The Sneakerwebs Agrees: Vans Vault Del Barco Chukka

Vans Vault Del Barco Chukka

(so when do they come out?)

According to Nicekicks, the sneaker releases sometime this fall or winter. For something not made from Nike or Jordan getting more than 8 comments on any of the popular sneaker sites means that something is happening that people are reacting to.

I will admit even bad reactions like for the Air Jordan Fusion 13 still shows that people care…. now if no one comments (or its less than 8 like these sneakers) and its on a sneaker blog that usually gets many comments… bad news for you.

Ok, ok, my rule isn’t totally fool proof, but you get the picture.

Luckily Vans gets mostly positive feedback on these kicks. It is a pair you should think about getting if you want to have something on the adult/mature end

What If? Sample Concept of Concepts x Nike SB Dunk Low – Yellow Lobster

Concepts x Nike SB Dunk Low - Yellow Lobster Sample

(AWESOME… ok I really have to stop saying that…)

Concepts x Nike SB Dunk Low - Yellow Lobster

(could this possibly be the next Concept Lobster catch?)

Relax everybody. Don’t start planning on how you are going to stand on line for a pair of yellow sneakers (lol at the color choice but its still a hot sneaker). This is strictly a sample that was given to friends and family of Nike SB (according to Sneaker and there are only so many pairs of it made.

34 pairs to be precise.


On Sale: Cole Haan Zoom Flywire at Zappos

Cole Haan Zoom Flywire

(flywire on a NON-Nike sneaker? what the…)

Cole Haan Zoom Flywire - CLOSE UP

(close-up of sneakers and yes you can almost see-through it)

Here we go again! Cole Haan has another shoe (amongst many apparently) that have Nike technology in them. I think this is one of a couple of pushes to get what is used in sneakers to be put in shoes (Rockport at one time used Reebok DMX technology). Can you imagine using comfort technology that is usually put into performance sneakers and put them into casual shoes and high heels?



Cipher Does Sneaker Freaker… and what a spread

Cipher LookBook on Sneaker Freaker

(I have to say this is really nice)

Check out the lookbook (I guess you can call it a lookbook) and read the interview that Sneaker Freaker had with  Cipher. Here is a clip:

Sneaker Freaker: Hey Collin, you restarted Cipher last year, how did the year work for you?

It was a shaky start, got rough through the middle, but I’m happy to say it closed out well. I’m very proud of what we’ve accomplished and how we’ve grown as people and as a company. We’re planning some really creative projects and products for 2009.

Sneaker Freaker: Your brand Cipher has been around since 2003.

I’ve been bugging Woody for years now, I remember when we were discussing SF8 and getting Cipher in there, but we were really small then! Well it really started after I finished film school, I really loved Wong Kar Wai films, and always wanted to come out to Hong Kong, so I did, and I just kind of fell into this. It was a little difficult for me to imagine ever directing or producing a feature length film, as I wanted to do something more immediate and still creative. My brother had a tee and hoodie thing going on, and I wanted to get in on it but do something different. I noticed a lot of skate kids with the most busted sneakers so I was like, ‘I’ll design some sneakers.’

If this is what they are going to make, I think Cipher has some promise for the future. These sneakers look good and are colored very nice. Definaitly a sneaker you should want to collect. As seen on Sneaker Freaker.

Just diggin in the sneaker crates… originally published on Sneaker Freaker in May  of 2009

Cole Haan Air Infinity from The Shoe Review

Cole Haan Air Infinity Oxford

(this is getting more interesting)

If you want to get them, you can. Its on Zappos for $128.15 and they have a few colorways.

Video is from ShoeVideoReview


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