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The life and times of kicks will be back…

Site returning soon! No set date yet but I’m going for late August. Doing allot of stuff behind the scenes so stay tuned.

On Sale: adidas Rose 4.0


[gonna get these and play ball in them]

Nothing to say (until I get them and do a test run). I like the way they look. Some of my friends think it’s hideous but I like them. There is just something about how the design works makes me think they will look great on my feet.

Not a fan of the duo-tone though… most of the colorways are duotone. Probably why it’s either these or the all black ones that will be the most popular (until they come up with more colorways)

On sale now at




Ummmm… Wow That’s High: Under Armour Highlight MC Lacrosse


[they actually look nice… but they still funny looking]

Got nothing to say about these. They for the pro athlete. No hype beasts here standing on line for them and re-asking them for $400 bucks.

On sale now on Eastbay




On Sale: Nike Air Max 95 DYN FW – Men’s – on Eastbay


[green rainbow for sale]

Ok so it’s time for me to get posting again. It’s my mission in life to tell people who I don’t know that a pair of kicks are on sale. Usually they are a pair I like and I think should get attention.

Then there are other times… This is those other times.

Don’t like the way these look at all BUT they are still Air Max’s (the most comfortable sneaker ever) and they are $60 bucks off.

So that turns these “green rainbow” looking kicks into good looking kicks.

You getting them?

On sale now on



Nike Air Foamposite One “Doernbecher”


[these look awesome]

That’s all I got. These look really good. Too bad they are to a general release.

New Year About To start… Air Jordan 5 Labs finish off the deal


[the last sneaker of the year]

So it’s the final release of the year. Apparently it may just be a limited release. Why I say that is because more than a few sneaker shops don’t have these sneakers for sale. Also the sneaker doesn’t have grade school sizes.

I had a feeling that these would be limited but I was hoping they wouldn’t be cause I got some gift shopping to still do. I don’t remember reading on any of the other sneaker blogs that this would be limited and usually they say something about that.

It’s all good though. I guess I’ll find out at 8am (I hate this new shop online policy of buying shoes at 8am instead of midnight like back in the day).

Hopefully Eastbay may have what I’m looking for. Lost out on those Gammas (and I really thought I would get them for sure).

Anyway I’ll be making a few end of year posts as I restart my blog about my sneaker journey (and love of women’s shoes… Yeah I’ll admit I love looking at a good looking lady wearing nice heals.

So I guess those Air Jordan 12 Gammas Sold Out


[best pics I’ve seen of the gamma 12’s]

I would think that people would be gamma-ed out. In fact the 12’s don’t look that good in this color way (remember this is the most opinionated sneaker blog EVAR). I mean let’s face it, the AJ 12’s is like the second worst design (AJ 2’s are the worst in case y’all wondering) but retros are in and re-catching all those good memories of when you was younger is also very in… So all of a sudden those 12’s look nice (even the Taxi AJ 12’s).

Well anyway to all those who got them, good wearing (if you actually wear your sneakers) to you!

Next release is basically a fusion (or maybe a hybrid???) 3 lab 5.

Now that’s an interesting sneaker.

Restarting Sneakers and Shoes

I truly miss posting and discovering new items that are coming out in the footwear industry. I miss talking about why sox cost $20 bucks for one pair or why a sneaker can perform so good and look like crap.

I miss talking about design

I miss the sneaker community

I wish there was a bigger shoe community (yes I distinguish between sneakers and shoes lol)

So I’m coming back. Just need to do some background stuff and I will be blogging, video-ing, and twitter-ing in no time.

This is gonna be fun! Can’t wait!

Eastbay and Finishline… I’m mad at you! Me no get me AIR Jordan 11 GAMMAS


I’m amazed as to how a sneaker site can totally mess up a person getting a pair of kicks.

I’m so tight about it, that it’s bringing back my passion to post mad opinionated blogs on footwear again.

The last time I got hype about a pair of kicks and I couldn’t get them I blogged for 3 years. Then life got in the way and I stopped blogging…

Now this happens.

I’m so upset and tight about the experience I feel the need to blog again. I’m gonna team up with my blogging partner and we gonna get this started again.

I got allot to say. Probably won’t be well liked but that’s why they call it a blog.


Air Jordan 11 GAMMAS… OMG WTH!!!


So of course this thing starts more than a few fights in more than a few locations at different Footlockers and Finishlines around America… What’s sad is that I’m very sure that many individuals who wanted a pair didn’t get it because the hype beasts and other individuals went crazy over these kicks

I am REALLY liking Nike Sports + Hipstamatic

(and you wonder how I did these photos…)

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